Corporate Philosophy
Historical Development
Company Organization

Corporate Philosophy
"Attitude, Quality, Discipline, Win-Win”

Sun Team Construction is a company that continues to evolve itself and attach importance to talented people. Furthermore, it is a company that encourages colleagues to take the initiative and does not limit themselves. Sun Team also hopes to be more humanistic and take more social responsibility.

In terms of the role of contracting, Sun Team goes from subcontractor to direct contracting (there are still a small number of subcontractor).

In terms of the role of business attribute, Sun Team goes from civil engineering to construction projects, and now into the business of historical building restoration.

The organization of the company is what we have been maintaining and improving. In addition to the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, we are also working on a basic plan for data processing.

We have established a performance bonus term to inspire contributors.

In short, we keep up (even ahead) with the changes of the times, survive and develop only by continuous evolution, and then we contribute to the society and have the value of "existence".

Historical Development
2005The company’s capital was increased to NTD$120,000,000. After contracting with large construction companies, improving project management and quality awareness, Sun Team is not only a sub-contractor of large companies, but also bids to undertake business by itself.
2003According to the government's newly Construction Industry Act, Sun Team was registered as a “Grade A general construction business”.
1998It was upgraded to Grade A general construction business, and the capital increased to NTD$2,500,000.
1994It was taken over by Mr. Huang Sheng-nan and Mr. Peng Chao-Ching, and the business content shifted to civil engineering.
1992It was upgraded to Grade B general construction business, with capital of NTD$ 7.5 million.
1990Established by Mr. Yu Ming-Hong in Longtan, Taoyuan, with capital of NTD$ 3 million, registered as a Grade C construction business, specialized in asphalt concrete pavement construction.
Company Organization